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These specialty solutions products will help you keep your pool in peak condition. ​ Filter cleaners, metal and scale control, clarifiers and flocculants; Aqua Chem has a product to tackle any pool challenge.

D.E. Media + Filter Aid

Keep your filter running smooth with this convenient product to remove oily film and scale from all three filter types. Simply follow the recommended twice-a-season cleaning regimen for optimal filtration and water clarity.

  • Removes oily film and scale
  • Cleans sand, D.E. and cartridge filters
  • Spray or soak application

Filter Cleaner

Recharge and improve your D.E. filter—pure diatomaceous earth to remove small particle and metals that other filter aids miss.

  • Removes small particles and metals
  • Improves filter efficiency
  • Pure diatomaceous earth

Filter Sand PLUS®

Boost your sand filter's efficacy. ​ Designed to filter particles 10x smaller than ordinary filter sand for sparkling clear water.

  • Filters particles 10x smaller than sand
  • Improves water clarity & quality
  • Fewer backwashes

Natural Water Clarifier

Environmentally friendly clarifier that clears cloudy water and improves filter efficiency. ​ Natural ingredients cause pool contaminants to bind together making bigger particles which are then removed by the filter.

  • Natural ingredient clears cloudy water
  • Can be used with all sanitizers
  • Improves filtration
  • Helps eliminate oil and scum

Scale, Metal & Stain Control

Eliminate hard water problems. Ideal for pools with high calcium levels, this multifunctional product helps to keep metals from discoloring your water or staining pool surfaces.

  • Aids in removing iron and copper
  • Ideal for treating hard water
  • Prevents metal stains and scale formation
  • Removes fresh metal stains

Sink & Sweep®

Specially formulated to make debris, particles and dead algae at the surface heavier than the water and then sink it to the bottom of your pool for easier vacuuming and clean up.

  • Sinks debris for easy vacuuming
  • Settles dead algae after treatment
  • Clears severely clouded water
  • Flocculent based product

Super Water Clarifier

Highly concentrated pool water clarifier (1 oz. treats 5,000 gallons!) helps clear cloudy water by binding small particles into larger ones—allowing for easier filtration from your pool. Be sure to follow recommended dosage rates as overdosing can actually cause cloudiness to worsen.

  • Clears cloudy water
  • Combines small particles for easy filter removal
  • No dilution necessary

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