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Opening the swimming pool doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. ​ How you open your pool in the spring sets the tone for your swim season with less maintenance and upkeep worries throughout the summer.


Opening Above-Ground Pool
  1. Start the pool equipment following the manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Circulate pool water with the pump on for one to two hours.
  3. Test and balance pool water.
  4. Apply 1.3 ounces of Shock PLUS® or Shock Xtra Blue​ per 1,000 gallons of pool water.
  5. Do not swim until a 1-4ppm free chlorine residual has been established.
  6. Add an algaecide such as Algae ELIMINATOR​ or Algae ELIMINATOR MAX​ according to label directions for pool opening.
  7. Once a week, and after heavy swimming use or a heavy rainfall, repeat step 4.
Opening In-Ground Pool

If you completely cover your pool for the winter, start here:

  1. Remove the pool cover. Clean and dry it thoroughly before storage to prevent mildew and deterioration.
  2. Fill the pool so that the water level is in the middle of the skimmer opening. Remove all plugs and fittings from return lines.
  3. Reinstall all equipment and accessories.
  4. Check the diving board, slide and stairs for wear, looseness and corrosion.
  5. Make sure the pump, skimmer and heater are working properly.
  6. Check your filter for proper operation and clean the filter element.

If you just slow down your cleaning and maintenance over the winter, start here:

  1. Clean the pool by skimming the top of the water for debris, brushing the pool thoroughly and vacuuming.
  2. Run the filter for 24 hours to circulate the water.
  3. Test for total alkalinity and adjust if needed adding Alkalinity Increaser, then wait two hours before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Check pH and adjust to 7.2 - 7.6. ​ ​ If needed use pH Add​ to increase and pH Decreaser​ to low, then wait one hour before proceeding to the next step.
  5. Check the water hardness for proper level of calcium and adjust if needed. ​ You will use Calcium Hardness Increaser​ to raise your levels.
  6. Check the chlorine stabilizer level and adjust to at least 30 ppm, if necessary. ​
  7. Apply your method of sanitizer such as Aqua Chem® OPTIMUM® Chlorinating Granules​ all-in-one or a combination of ​ 3" Tablets​ and Shock​ according to label directions for pool opening. Apply the product at night, with the pump running.
  8. Add Algae ELIMINATOR​ or Algae ELIMINATOR MAX​ according to label directions for pool opening.
  9. In the morning, test a fresh water sample for the residual chlorine level and adjust to 1 - 4 ppm, if needed.

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