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How you open your pool in the spring sets the tone for your swim season with less maintenance and upkeep throughout the summer. Correctly closing your pool for the winter makes all the difference between an easy opening or messy nightmare next year.


Pool Closing - All Pools
  1. Closing your pool can be overwhelming. ​ Following our easy steps and referencing your pool equipment’s manuals will make this yearly task much easier. ​ A little bit of time now will also save you potential headaches and save you money next spring.
  2. Test your pool water with Aqua Chem 6-Way Test Strips. Enter your results in our online water testing for instructions on balancing the pool water.
  3. Be sure the pool is free of algae and has chlorine residual before closing.
  4. Clean the pool by brushing, vacuuming, and cl.eaning out the skimmer basket(s).
  5. Chemically clean the filter with Filter Cleaner
  6. Add Shock Xtra Blue®, OPTIMUM® Chlorinating Granules, or Shock PLUS® according to label instructions. Circulate for four to six hours, to disperse throughout the pool.
  7. Add Algae ELIMINATOR​ or Algae ELIMINATOR MAX​ ​ to label instructions. Circulate for two to four hours to disperse product throughout the pool.
  8. Winterize equipment per manufacturer’s directions. A partial drain may be necessary depending on seasonal demands.
  9. Cover pool and secure.
  10. A midwinter shock may be necessary for pools in warmer climates.

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