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When pool levels change, water can become cloudy and irritate skin and eyes. Testing helps to balance levels for water that's clear and comfortable. ​ For best results, use Aqua Chem's Tested Solutions for free online and mobile water testing for a personalized analysis of your swimming pool water and monthly maintenance calendar.

6-Way Test Strips

6-Way Test Strips that measure pH, free available chlorine/bromine, total chlorine, total alkalinity, total hardness and stabilizer. Read your results poolside or with our FREE Online Water Testing service where you can get a complete analysis of your water with helpful tips and suggestions.

  • Personalized, accurate and reliable test results
  • Solutions to common pool problems
  • Scheduled maintenance guide
  • Helpful product recommendations
  • Contains 50 strips

3-Way Test Kit

The 3-Way Test Kit accurately measures bromine, chlorine, and pH levels.

  • Easy-to-read permanent color standards
  • Simplified testing with color-coded reagents
  • 3-Way Kit Refill

3-Way Kit Refill

Save time and money by stocking up on these convenient refills for your 3-Way Test Kit—containing more of the two primary solutions needed to test for bromine, chlorine and pH levels in your pool.

  • Contains 1/2 oz OTO and 1/2 oz Phenol Red solutions
  • Tests bromine, chlorine and pH levels

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